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SHRMA Christmas Party and Member Appreciation

    December 13, 2019

    Gail Lemmon, Dianne Fulcher, Darlene Gainey



    MVP Award : Karen Roberson – Other Nominees:  Gail Lemmon, Darlene Gainey, Alan Collins

    2019 HR Professional of the Year Award: Karen Roberson – Other Nominees: Darlene Gainey, Gail Lemmon, Paul Hilton

    5 Years of Service Award Dorcus Singleton

    5 Years of Service Award Dorcus Singleton and Kristen Varner

    18 Years of Service Wanda Brown

    Winner of the Extra Mile Award: Kristen Varner – Other Nominees: Karen Roberson, Gail Lemmon, Alan Collins, and Paul Hilton

    Dianne Fulcher - Awarded a nameplate and medallion for passing the SHRM Certification Test this year.